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US Distributor for ATRD Biometric Immobilizer

ATRD anti theft systems are the most sophisticated vehicle IMMOBILIZERS available on the market today, providing a unique level of security for the vehicle and its owner. AutoBiometrics IS the US Distributor of the Biometric Immobilizer. (Patent Pending)

Our partner ATRD Has brought advanced secure biometrics into your car as an after-market retro fit option to help combat the rise in car theft with keys.

Biometris Immobiliser How it works video
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With the BIOCODE M10.

Modern automotive security systems are becoming tougher, criminals have to follow suit resorting to new methods of stealing vehicles. In most cases stealing your vehicles keys during a home burglary or while they are left unattended. This results in minimum hassle in getting into your vehicle as the vehicle alarm security system can be easily disabled once the thief has the vehicle keys (alarm remote). Thankfully, technology is one step ahead and thanks to ATRD’S Biometric Immobilizer, no thief can make off with your vehicle whether they have the keys or not.

How does the Biometric Immobilizer system work?

The premise is simple enough – you have a small dashboard mounted touch pad that scans your fingerprint to enable the vehicle to start. When the owner gets into the vehicle you place your finger onto the touch pad. On positive fingerprint identification the driver can start the vehicle with the key. If the touch pad does not recognize a the print, the vehicle remains securely immobilized.

KEY FEATURES: M10 (Patent Pending)

Compatible with all makes and models of vehicles, operates in conjunction with existing OEM vehicle security systems.
  • Multiple user memory.
  • Auto arming immobilizer.
  • Ergonomically designed scanner.
  • Easy to access valet mode (normal key start)
  • Personal Emergency pin override.
  • User management controls - add / delete fingerprints.
  • Compatible with vehicles with the remote engine start feature.
  • OPTION- can be linked to other security devices, alarm, text message alert and tracking systems.


  • Convenience – simply place your finger on the scanner for owner recognition.
  • Peace of mind- no need worry if your car keys are lost or stolen – without your thumb print your car will still remain safe secure and immobilized.
  • Reliability – Remote key, cards can be lost, left behind, copied and handed over to another person or stolen.
  • Designed to prevent unauthorized use of your vehicle (Selected drivers can only drive the vehicle)
  • Can easily be transferable from vehicle to vehicle. The new owner can then re-register Biometric anti theft system in their own name.
  • Cost effective – no subscriptions.


AutoBiometrics has a range of Biometric Immobilization devices suitable for various cars, vans, 18 wheelers, commercial plant, boats, motor homes and motorcycles.

Business and private use, customized security systems can be designed to meet you requirements. For further information on US distribution & sales of the Biometric Immobilizer Biocode M10  please contact AutoBiometrics

AutoBiometrics News

Mercedes S class tops the list!

The Mercedes S class, a very large luxury car, heads the list of passenger vehicles with the highest insurance losses for theft. Overall losses for this car are 10 times higher than the average for all passenger cars.


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